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Making books accessible 

to children and 

their families

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Who Are We

Reading Elevations is a nonprofit organization that provides books to families of the Kalamazoo community. Stay tuned to learn about our first community engagement with our book give-aways.

How We Started

Coming Soon

Meet Our Team


Angela is the founder of Reading Elevations. She has a passion for literacy and is dedicated to helping young people become literate. She also wants every child to always have a favorite book or author. Her dream is for every home to have a library with books that motivate and engage families.


Wynstan is a book reviewer for Reading Elevations. He enjoys reading and writing stories as well as playing soccer, basketball, and his bass. He is also an author in training. His favorite books right now are graphic novels. One of his goals is to make sure that all children have books that they want to read.

Our Services